Thoughts about Things

"Well then, welcome to the terror dome." - April

Berkeley Courses Pt. 4

CS162, EE16A, IEOR191, MCB C62

Freenome Updates

Summer Experience and Where I'll Be Next Year!

Back to School Updates

CalTTC Presidency and CS170 TA Experiences

Sweden: Looking Back

Reminiscing On My Experience


The Funny, The Inspirational, The Memorable

Random Questions Pt. 2

15, 83, 131, 171, 254

Productivity and Time Management

Spending Your Time The Best Way

Lund University

Study abroad!

Berkeley CS Courses Pt. 3

Fall 2018: CS188, CS189, EECS126, HIST182C


Where I'll be Next Summer!

Ladder Rungs

Where's the next step to take?


The Value of Failure

Imposter Syndrome

Why do we feel inadequate?

Random Questions

33, 57, 203, 190, 336

How Algorithms Relate to Life

Can they teach us anything?

My Time at Illumio

My summer experience.

Optimizing for Life

What do you prioritize?

Berkeley CS Courses Pt. 2

Lower Division Courses: CS61A/B/C

Gab Talks to Toastmasters

Oh, how times have changed.

Things that Make Me Happy Pt. 2

happy happy pupper

Favorite Algorithm

Boyer-Moore Majority Voting Algorithm

a16z Portfolio Showcase

6 Cool Startups I Met

Things that Make Me Happy



A good character trait.

Berkeley CS Courses Pt.1

Spring 2018: CS161, CS170, EECS127


How does pride affect my life?


What am I writing about? Why am I writing about it? Who's meant to read this?