Teddy Tran

“You spend your whole life trying to get people to like you and then you run over one person with your car – not even one of the popular ones – and everybody gets on your case. Doesn’t make any sense.” -Michael Scott

Hi! My name's Theodore, but I go by Teddy. I'm a computer science major at UC Berkeley and last summer I was an intern on the data engineering and visualization team at Illumio, a cloud computing security startup. During the school year, I've been working at Berkeley Institute of Data Science under Dr. Stefan Van der Walt for a year working on a Github command line wrapper with more functionality related to pull requests and issues for open sourced projects. I've been a reader for CS70 for two semesters, and will be a reader for CS170 in Fall 2018. I'm also an Industrial Relations officer for Upsilon Pi Epsilon(CS honors society), so if your company wants to hold an infosession at UC Berkeley, let me know. Check out my resume or LinkedIn for more professional info about me. Or feel free to shoot me an email at teddytheodoretran248@berkeley.edu!

I'm also a very good table tennis player! I've represented USA in many international competition spanning 6 continents (with the exception of Antartica :D). Some awards I have won are National Men's Doubles Champion, North American Men's Team Champion, National Collegiate Team Finalist, National Men Singles Quarterfinalist, and National Cadet Champion. These days, I represent UC Berkeley in collegiate tournaments as well as being the head coach for UC Berkeley's table tennis club.

I also have an anonymous feedback form where if you want to suggest topics, share your thoughts on my posts, or just tell me anything else. So feel free to fill it out!